ponedeljek, 11. junij 2012

Austria open 2012

It ended up with only one task. On Friday we went up the Emberger Alm, where there was quite some wind in upper layers. Small task was set but after some complains of the pilots it was soon cancelled. Some would say we could fly but looking trough the eyes of organisers, when you have all the responsibility on your shoulders things look a bit different. Remembering 2008 European champs in Greifenburg it was a decision in the way of safety even if we just "might" make the task, all of us.
I was looking for a another task to fight second place from first day but it did not happened and the weather forecast was just worse for next two days.
On Saturday they decided to have the price giving before last day on Sunday as the weather was not cooperating.
3rd podium in last 4 weeks, things are looking good with my new glider, it just feels that the best pilots are in the reach now.

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