nedelja, 11. december 2011

Last task Lanzarote

I got my energy back to about 70% this morning and felt ok for a flight. IT is easier here as the tasks are more shorter, it would be definitely more difficult to have long races. Yet, don`t underestimate the flying here, so much tactic flying at just 30 to 50 km you wont get anywhere.
Some of the Austrian team have left already today as they had a plane back.
We rigged the gliders on Mala take off again with very low cloudbase. The task was again to Saint Bartolome. I took the second start gate and was with the first gaggle in 20 minutes. Really felling good for a good result I had to kiss the ground after flying to St Bartolome. No one made it to the goal today, I ended 6th for the day, Seppi Salvenmoser won the Canary open in front of Dietmar Tschabrun and Lucio Neli. Moyes gliders on first three places..

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Matze pravi ...

Why did you change to Moyes? Your Aeros is not old or? And you Moyes, is it a new one? Congrats by the way...

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Both Moyes and Aeros are from 2011. A change was needed and this is the right path for me. Thanks ;)