ponedeljek, 12. december 2011

Cheating Famara

Since there was no competition any more, I was in deep search of how to get the footage that I need to have from this "one of a kind" island. Somehow Famara ridge with the West wind did not wanted to show to us, but we made a trick yesterday.
Austria and part of German team kindly took me with them to the El Mirador
take off on very North side of the island.
This is where the flight from Famara ends with the ridge. The amazing colours that are here on this side made us rig the gliders fast. Take off full of rocks, landing, hmm ,yp down there somewhere but that was a thing to think about when we go down.
Smooth air, really smooth air, we did some low passes with Seppi and my Nokia N8 finally got to see the blue ocean, finally the almost right conditions to have a proper video.
Lots of fun in the air, with close flying, looking at the clear blue ocean, watching thousands of seagulls bellow made the day worth of having it on video.
Today looks about the same, so we might do it all over again :)
Tomorrow winter will touch our skin again as I fly back to Munchen.

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