četrtek, 03. november 2011

The magic Vipava valley

Bad weather in the beginning of October made last Thursday look like a day to fly. Even do I started to work at 4pm I was still in the mood to take a chance.

It was just a small bubbles flight. The weather for next days showed that we will have lots of flying days and reliable Lijak take off although facing to the West and with wind from the E, it was still possible to fly normally.
I worked all weekend late night and flew during the day so I was more like a zombie but the joy of flying during the day made me come back to work with a smile.
I counted more then 20 pilots on ramp take off on Monday. Many new Slovenian young faces on take off, many of them making the licences for pilots. Hang gliding in Slovenia is on the big rise for sure.
Friends from Italy and Austria just made it like summer has even not ended and our season is just on going, of course the weather made the whole thing more true :)
Flying trough and above the clouds, fast ridge runs, close formation flying, all the fun you can get in endless playground in the sky.
Better quit talking and get you to the real "show how" of last 6 flying days!

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