sreda, 23. november 2011

Endless season

Nice weather continued also in past week so I got an excuse to get out before
work and do 1 hour flight every day. It is a tight race every day like this, coming home at 3 pm taking a shower and eating before I catch work at 4 pm.
Very stable days but we still managed to soar the ridge here also this time everything was done much lower. Slowly I will get to know each rock on the ground here :) It all helps a lot for the days when we will get to race this one as it will all look much higher then this days :)
Aeros Winter race is coming in March 14.03.2012 - 25.03.2012 one of the two weeks in between, the we have nationals also in Vipava valley 25.06.2012 - 30.06.2012, traditional Kobala open in August 13.08.2012 - 18.08.2012 and Italian nationals in Gemona. Then we have Buzet with Croatia open and Bassano, so I have like 5 to 6 races in radius of 3 hour drive. Not bad :)

Since some day are just to stable for flying it is nice to walk up the mountains as well. You get to see places where you usually fly over. We went bellow Krn last Sunday where I got to see the small gap that saved me on nationals this year where I flew trough to the other side of the valley. Not making it would have taken me another extra 10 minutes. Nice to see things from the ground as well. Here is a picture taken at the place pointing at Polovnik ridge in Soca valley.

Oh and yes, I made it to top 50 in GoPro contest because of your votes. Thank you for that. Today they will publish the first 20 winners that get new Hero 2 and everything they make. First two even get the sponsorship worth of 2500$. Fingers crossed ;)

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