petek, 07. oktober 2011

Another test flight

Lots of videos in past days :) But it is all because I have some time to sit down now and actually make something out of the videos that I have made this year. Today I think we can say goodbye summer. Long time before it set up in August and long time until it said good bye just yesterday. We had some great flying days in September. I was just this week flying in the mountains behind Tolmin valley which for October is rather unusual but with big pleasure as all the autumn colours are out already. Of course I forgot camera at home (Murphy's law). We flew also in Carnia, Suan`s place in Italy. About 25 pilots showed up for "Festa del brutto tempo" festival that town organises for free flyers. We had a spot landing contest and with my second flight on a Ls I was happy with a landing 5 m next to the spot :D We have had a great day with climbs up to 2700m and I really enjoyed the race down the Zoncolan ski area :)

So, what to do to make this winter shorter.
My dream was to fly Lanzarote one day but the expenses are always those who are driving you to the other side of choice...
Thankfully this year Nokia will help me with the trip and for a favour I will have to produce something amazing with video there. The area is perfect for the N8 lenses so I am really looking forward for that new project.

So, I was test flying... My future wing

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