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16th Ljubljana marathon

Another goal achieved this year. The idea was to run the 21 km run, the half marathon as an excuse to start training again with running. I don`t know when I got back to the addiction like running can become. I was already doing runs in the summer when we had many off flying days like Worlds, so I tried to use every free time to do some running.
This is like a meditation, after 5 km your mind shuts down and you can go on forever. August was too hot for stuff like that, but after coming back to Gorica I soon started with a small runs in a forest area right next to my house.
My first attempt to try the 21 km was after we had a conversation with friends after ... beer and they all agreed it is not that easy to run that long. Next day I went for it with small "meoooww" in my head and did it with out problems and under 2 hours which I assumed was fairly good enough.
The next try was marathon. Don`t run the last week, eat pasta.... Ah... No, I still went for a run, because it felt good to me. My only concern was tarmac road all the way and my knees.

I felt good waiting in the box for the run, the band "The stroj" that plays only on instruments made of garbage, where playing loud music so it kind of felt like you danced your way trough the start gate. They are just amazing, I felt the bass in my loungs while I watched the start of a 10km run 2 hours before my attempt.

First 4 km where painful for my knees and muscles so I was looking strange as the marks for km where passing me so slowly. After that I got in to the right mode and on 15 km I started to race. I did not know if I am doing the right thing there but I felt I can do it. Like with comp flying, I was jumping out of the slow "gaggle" and tried to get free way to run faster then the other group. Mostly everyone where running on the right site of the road as we drive our cars, so I had a nice place on the left doing my own thing. Earplugs and some good music turned off all the noise on the way, I only saw people yelling and smiling but never heard them :)

Last 5 km I felt like a bullet and was passing most of the people and came in to the goal with 1:40:18 time. 10 minutes less then my "meoouw" run :) I think I could do it better but for the first run was ok.

So this goal is now behind and I can focus only on Lanzarote trip that is waiting for me in December. Our friends are now competing at Canugra classics, Jonny is already kicking some ass with overall lead after his knee surgery, bravo Jonny!

Anyway, here in this video you can see how it looked when runners from 10 km run started. 18000 runners showed up to show how much sporty nation Slovenia is.

Ok, I must admit, I walk like a duck today ;)

Run can be seen at sports tracker

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