sobota, 26. februar 2011

From zero to shorts

Yesterday we got ourselves on a plane from Venice to Orlando. Quick stop on JFK in New York where there where the same temperatures as at home. After 24 hours on the road even hot Florida didn`t provide enough temperature to warm us up, so we just fell in to the bed and woke up to....

We woke up to a view to the beach from Radisson hotel. Nokia is spoiling us already since we touched down in Orlando. The black Lincoln was waiting for us with a nice driver who took us to the Melbourne beach.
Our schedule with Nena is that we stay with Nokia and Womworld for this 4 nights where we will tommorow go to Space Kennedy center to experience Zero G flight and day after tommorow for Universal studios park in Orlando.
So here we are in Florida where our good friends Jamie and Tim are living. They where both so generous that they will let us sleep over at their places even do they are not here at this time. Too bad, would be nice to see each other in their homeland. We might catch a dinner with Jamie if we get from Miami in time. We will do our best.
So, after we finish with Nokia it was originally scheduled that we should fly back but, it would be pity that we would go to another side of the world for 3 days. So we humbly asked Womworld to make our flight tickets back later in the end of the week. Jamie was so generous that she will borrow us her car so we could make a turn to Miami for one night. Imagine this coincidence, Nokia arranged a place to sleep for us and this place, this hotel, is only 8 km away from Jamies home house. Who have planned that? :)
Afterwards we are planned to be at Quest air. Originally we want to go to Orlando to see the sea world but who knows what will Quest air look like with out the glider :/

So tomorrow we will experience what astronauts do, the zero G. I know I will be white in my face :) Doing that stuff with such a big machine like Boeing 727 is, its gonna be a noisy ride. I wonder how will we look like when we come back down :) Or even when we will go on this plane :)

We are off now to have a dinner with all N8 producers and people from Womworld. Looking forward to see all the winning contesters.

Here are some pictures from today and yesterday.

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