četrtek, 09. april 2009

The giant is back (Manfred Rhumer)

Today we had a task of 108 km. The cloud base was realy low all the time so we had a nervous time to wait for the start time. Around 40 pilots made it to goal, we will know more tommorow. The giant of our sport Manfred Rhumer came back to the scene on this competition and won the first day. Congrats to him.

I was short today on the first point and nearly crashed my self making the 180 turn 3m above the ground. I am ok, the glider is also... Well tomorow is another day..
Primoz and Franc Peternel made it to goal, Alan went down somwhere in betwen the task.
Today we have a party here in Antica Abazzia. We need to eat something after a looong day :)

P.s.: Nena flew for 3 hours today in a tandem... Our friend Arthur from Germany took here to the sky again today and she is trilled about it. Well sometimes it needs to be all around..... :)

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Anonimni pravi ...

Who said that Laminar flies like shit? :):) At this point I would say "it must be the pilot"...

Matjaz pravi ...

it must be the pilot