četrtek, 10. julij 2008

Pos: First in goal :)

71 km task, we flew like on a nascar triangular course for three times. Still, the race was realy interesting with changing conditions, ridge flying and a bit of flats. I was first in goal with Jarc 10 minutes behind me. Primoz came in 17 min behind me but took 3th start gate weach was 15 min apparth. We will see wath the leading points will do, but still a trully nice and satisfaing flight today. I changed some things on the glider and always genorous Primoz Gricar helped me to oiled VG sistem so the glider worked perfectly. Tomorow is the last day of the competition, fingers crosed for a good result.

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Anonimni pravi ...

Bravo čestitam kar tako naprej.


Robert Benjamins pravi ...

Well done Matjaz !!!

Keep on going! And one day you will be a world champion! :-)
Only 1 week before I travel to Tolmin, and have a great holiday.
See you soon.

Kind regards,

Robert Benjamins

from the Netherlands