sobota, 12. julij 2008

Horror day

Yesterday we had the last day of the Croatian open. I went to the start and pushed myself to the air with out promesing thermal. Straight bombed out. Primoz and Regina got the interval and raised above the start. After my landing only one started in one hour and he also joined us bellow the start. I called Nena and she raced to retrive me back to the start. Just when we arrived 3 pilots started and thermaled up. Just as I set up my glider the wind came from the back. Such a misfortune. I waited till the last starting time and again been bombed out. F... Primoz won the day again with being only one in goal. I ended up 5th and Alan 4th as he flew yesterday realy good. In the evening we had a nice party and price giving ceremony here on the start. Now we need to pack slowly and get back to real life again. Photos are coming when I get back home.

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