četrtek, 12. april 2012

Bassano is over, with out me

This was a tight gamble at home, looking at weather forecasts and web cams every morning.
Well, Thursday web cam was wrong and so they got a small task. I was driving down to work when I saw that Live tracking went on so my ride was quite dangerous after that.. Loosing one day meant that I lost the good result already but I could go down to have some fun flight but weather did not cooperated. Last day they flew the most usual task you can get in Bassano and got their race under the roof. My mistake, but in the end I am happy that I was not there in the caravan for 5 days in mud and cold loosing more then getting from this two days. A dry and decently warm place with 4 walls there would made me go there :) So as I had big scars from no flying I had to solve it somehow and so I went to Tolmin in search of snow mountain peaks (There is most of the snow there now in all winter). Nice flying, strong... But, north wind did not let me taste the peaks so I had to be satisfied with far view to the mountains. At least I flew in Tolmin after a long time.

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