sreda, 11. januar 2012

January flying with a new toy

I got my present from GoPro, after a long battle with border authorities. It lasted for 1 month but in the end they won. It is so good when you get something for free and then they call you saying: "Hello, we estimate the value of the package to 1k € as we checked it on the internet." Nothing helped, no lies, no arguing :D
GoPro helped me out big time with it, they have one of the best customer service I have ever heard. If anyone had a problem with the camera, they where eager to help and solve the problem.

The other part of the story next to this video is of course January and some good flying for that time :) Looks like it stopped at autumn and we are dealing some times with some small bubbles next time we get a strong thermal that makes you feel like you are flying in spring time. The only thing that remembers you of deep winter are the Christmas lights on a drive back home trough the city.

Here is my first test of a GoPro hero2 with very fast edit, just to see how it handles. Does not look bad at all :D


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