sreda, 18. maj 2011

Hang gliding and zero g gets published

Since there is a lot of media attention due to the Zero G experience with Nokia, we should not forget why it all happened. Because of hang gliding :)
The story went to the cover of free magazine that gets to more then 40000 homes and so we got a really nice cover of a magazine with a hang glider over Soca river.
For Slovenia, I can say that hang gliding sport is growing fast in last 1 year. 3 schools have produced more then 15 new pilots in last season and people are still asking for it (You need to know that there is 2.000.000 people in Slovenia) :) We won`t catch up with paraglider numbers but for those who see the elegance in that sport now they have a chance to do it. With new school gliders it is all much easier and under the right instructors also really safe.
Is it the media that caught the attention to more people? I would say so, but also the ability to ask people and find contacts trough the internet makes it easy for someone who is enthusiastic enough to find someone and start hang gliding.

This weekend we are off to TROFEO CARLO ZANCHETTIN. I will be blogging from there so you can get some news from this two day competition. I haven`t flown since Bassano due to my loss of batten on the last day there. I still feel good about it because I know that glider is prepared for the race and so is the pilot :)

Tomorrow I have a visit to a radio. More people will get to hear about what hang gliding is all about:)

Here is copy of the article published in Goriska magazine.

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