ponedeljek, 14. marec 2011

World championship 2011 Monte Cucco LIVE with Nokia

I am very pleased to announce that I got a green light from Nokia for making my blog more updated then ever.

My idea was to actually erase the problem with catching WiFi connections in Umbria to actually post some news from the World championship 2011. Nokia gave me the tool to make it. Nokia N8 became my companion since Florida and #N8Producers trip. Slowly I am learning all the possibilities I get with it and there is much to be learned :)

So with this phone I have video cam, a photo camera and a connection to the worldwide web where my blog is siting as well :) The only missing link was a credit to actually have them published in real time from anywhere where phone signal gets. They gave me a hand to help me with that.

So guess what, here you will be able to see the task board shortly after the briefing.(I have to listen too) :) Pictures from the goal field in the real time, videos and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Off the topic

I am preparing a short article about the new Aeros Combat 13.5 GT coming soon. Keep in touch :)

Last Thursday we also had a price giving for sport achievements in my home town Tolmin. I was quite surprised to get this beauty in my hands :)

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