sreda, 26. maj 2010

The emerald river Soca

I got a chance to be at home for a weekend and visit the OUTDOOR SHOW in Kobarid. The show growed in past year to a well known , good organisated weekend celebration of outdoor sports. There where competitons of kayaks, paragliders, balvan climbing, base jumpers and of course lots of party in the evening. This is a very well organisated event that brings together more and more people every year. Here you can watch some pictures from the event.

I had a chance to get some pictures of Soca river which is at that time coated in its most beautiful color. Let the pictures speak for itself :)

torek, 18. maj 2010

Flood is over (At least I hope)

After 3 weeks of bad weather and my neck problems the skies finnaly cleared and my neck was prepared by profesional therapist. I got a visit from Holland, Erik, Coun, Cornelia and Monique came already 1 week ago in to this flood but the sky cleared also for them. They went from Tolmin to Nova Gorica to fly here on Lijak as it is in this unstable conditions more secure then mountains in Tolmin. Seems like there is nice week in front of us. On the other hand I am reading reports from Tegelberg and feel realy sorry for all the pilots there. I am sure that organisers are doing their best to keep the pilots busy but weather is weather. Hope they get something till the end of the week.

Not that I would like to teas someone but here is a picture from today.

It was good to go down a bit faster today :)

ponedeljek, 10. maj 2010

Worlds at Tegelberg

It is already happening in Tegelberg Germany, world championship for women rigids and swifts. It is again very bad weather forecast for this week, I just wish they will be able to make it. Slovenia has a man in the front line at worlds, Primoz Gricar will fly with his Phantom and we look forward for a good result yet again.
Here are some links where you can read about what is going on at Tegelberg:

Jamie`s twitts (The most up to date info about it)

Official blog

Jamie`s blog

Corrina`s sky

Fingers crossed for you all :)

There is one thing more to show. Here is the video of my last flight with my ex Combat L.

četrtek, 06. maj 2010

Bassano 2010 the video

As I am grounded for already two weeks due to the pain in my neck I had time to edit the videos from Bassano. No aerial shots this year as we flew on the competition days so there was no space on the glider for extra drag like camera :)
A very traditional Bassano this year, 2 comp days, I look forward to next year in fear as I remember 2008 and coldness we had this year so early in April. Next year again.... Let`s hope we wont start in snow :)

Enjoy the video