torek, 15. september 2009

Monte Cucco the video

So finnaly I managed to make the video also from Monte Cucco this year. We had a pre pre worlds there this year and I heard a lot about flying there that is why we went to see that. Unfortunatly there was north wind trough out all the week so we didn`t taste the real deal at Monte Cucco but it was still nice. Also unfortunatly I ddn`t copy all the videos from Nenas computer so Ijus got some take offs. But, theyeare mostly from the first day when the task was cancelled so we could buzz around the take off of Monte Cucco and sure it was big fun.

Enjoy the vid

3 komentarji:

Francesco Marsella pravi ...

Hello Matjaz, nice video! I mett you in cucco09. Visit my blog. ciao

Matjaz pravi ...

Hey thank you Francesco for the video. I hope we see each other next year on Cucco again :)

bathmateus pravi ...
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