sobota, 30. maj 2009

Back again!

Last week I made the test flight and the hand is working good. First I wanted to go with an Atlas glider just to see how the hand is working but it was better ecery day so I decided to make a flight with my Combat. We went together with one of my students who was flying an Seedwings Kestrel glider. After the start my compeo shuted down and I was not able to make it work again. Seems like the pressure in the pitot tube made it shut down... That is what I saw later on the landing. So, I flew with out it and it was no problem to fly with out it. The day was realy nice and it was interesting to feel the air a bit different after a long time. Observing the height every turn and trying to feel drops and ups while moving trough the air. We made it to the 3rd mountain the last one to where the students made it, or, I let them. We climbed to the cloud base and I waved to him that we fly to the mountain ridge in the back of that mountain. It was superb feeling to see him flying at the peak of mountains with me.
So the compeo is now on its way to Germany to get fixed. I hope that it will be soon.
After that there was an Outdoor show in Kobarid just 15 km from my home town. Paragliding race, kayaks, downhill bikers, climbers.....
A week of celebrating the outdoor sports. It was nice to see the paragliding gang again. There are always sleeples nights with them and of course a lot of fun :) On the last day they made one seperate competition just around Kobarid to let people see the competition from the ground. There was camera crew in the air and on the ground transfering live to the center of Kobarid. Realy good organised week.

From now on fingers crossed for some better weather....

Here is the video from MTB race that I made

Dual MTB race on OUTDOOR show in Kobarid from Matjaz Klemencic on Vimeo.

D-Bagging at outdoor show

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