sobota, 03. januar 2009

Flying for the last time in 2008

I was working on the 31th of December and the sky looked cold but good enough to try out our new starting place just over the valley of Kobala. I went there with a scholl glider to see how much height will I get over the landing place for our students and I have to tell this site is great for that. 10 minutes drive form landing to the top, straight flight to the landing and students can make up to 5 jumps a day. That is great. There is some work still to be done but it will happen soon.

Happy new year and many safe landings to all of you my friends who are reading this flying blog :)

Here is the video of the flight (chose a link option for a much better qualitiy)

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Anonimni pravi ...

Hi there,
Great place for the students. They are very happy to be able to learn to fly in such beautiful environment.
Lot of good and safe flights and happy landings for them.
See you in August.
All the best
Crazy Daisy