torek, 24. november 2009

Deep in the autumn

Well we are deeply in to the autumn here already and the weather is total sh.... I had three flights since the beginning of october and now the town is in fog for already 14 days. Realy waiting for some rain and some sun afterwards. In the mean time I spent some days in Spain to see Nena who is there as erasmus student, seems like I brought bad weather with me from Slovenia as it was raining almost every day but still we had a great time there. This week Regina, Primoz, Tim, Ute and a lot of other German pilots came to fly here but got in to this foghy air so unfortunately they had small flights but it was realy nice to see them again after a long time.

I can now officialy say that next year the SLOVENIAN OPEN will be held again in Tolmin on almost the same dates as last year, so you`re all invited to strecth your comp wings for the last time in inland Europe in the season. Hm, seems like we are able to make also the first one in Europe as we have a very good ridge to fly REALY early in the year. Maybe but maybe Bassano won`t be the first competition in the season anymore :)

As you were able to see YOUTUBE has cut down the music in many of my videos, which is understandable by the copyrights but it is not nice to see just the picture of the video so I will be soon puting the videos to vimeo and maybe they will loosen a bit on this issue.

Last week we also had season price giving of our Free flying association where in the hang gliding category overall the price went of course to our best pilot Primoz Gricar. For OLC the first price went to Stanislav Galovec and for national league to Franc Peternel. I got a nice trophy for third place in national league. Seems like we finnaly managed the sistem that works good for getting the team members for next season. We all agred on it and the sistem works good, for now. I am in a bad 6th position so Ager is in big question. I hope they will allow six pilots for nation but untill they don`t publish local regulations for the comp I won`t know.

Yesterday our 4 students Polona, Marko, Vasja and Severin made a theoretical part of getting the licence so soon after 2 years they will be pushed out of nests. Congrats!