torek, 25. december 2007

Another study day

We have gatered again. 4 students flew in a nice calm day. The problem was staying at the landing field were temperatures where bellow zero... brrrr But it was all worth it

check the video of their landings

torek, 04. december 2007

Pre-Europian greifenburg 2007

This was taken from my filming in Greifenburg during the competiton. Ok, my girlfriend was filming, I only puted it together. First part is from a training day before the competiton second part is on the uper launch on 2nd task.

Enjoy the vid

nedelja, 02. december 2007

Flying with my student

So the time came. We went together with Vasja to the top of Kobala. I took our student glider Mars with me and left "the beast" at home :) Chilling flight down in almost bellow zero, but after 2 months of non flying it was worth it. Too bad that my camera did not have enogh of space on the card, so landing went out of the film :( But it was not a wack so why film it :) haha.
Now I am waiting for a new harness. ViperS will be here in January so wait wait wait and then when it comes I hope for the weather, at least soarable.

Enjoy the vid.