torek, 30. oktober 2007

Autunm second flight

In a beautiful scenery of autunm, here in Slovenia, Polona and Marko made their second high altitude flight. You can see the smiling faces on landing area with start behind them.
Such a perfect day :)


nedelja, 28. oktober 2007

torek, 16. oktober 2007


A very windy day at Raspadalica start place. It was in the time of competiton (CROATIAN GRAND PRIX). Competition was won by Primoz Gricar, second was Klaus peter Willming and 3th was Minoru Kato.
See you al next year :)

Take a look also at some pictures from competiton:

Carole near crash :)

My baby

Natalia Petrova

Winners overall

Start on Ucka

Women winners

sobota, 13. oktober 2007

Last two students on their first flight from a mountain

We`ve waited for a long 3 weeks to get the right wind at the top of Kobala mountain. But waitinfg has been payed. Yesterday it was a perfect day to make a first flight. Both, Polona and Marko, made their flight without mistakes, so beer at the landing was even better :)

ponedeljek, 01. oktober 2007

Let`s talk about beginings

I had this opoturnity to have a fother who was hang glider pilot and crazy enogh to start me learning the skills of hang gliding very soon. I left him without a choice because I went to the top of the mountain with a praglider when I was 12. I knew how to start end land rest of it was luck. So there came the time to start learning to hang glide.

First jumps on a small hill. Fother pushed me in to the air :)

First time with a tandem and my first mountain solo flight in France, northern of Nice. Instructor on the picture Jean Luc.

Finnaly one of my first jumps from home mountain Kobala, age 15.