sreda, 26. september 2007

First solo flight, 2 of my students

On a perfect day with overcast and light wind, me and my friend instructor took 2 of our students to the top of Kobala. One after another they made a perfect first solo flight to the landing area over town of Tolmin. Seach a perfect day :))

torek, 18. september 2007

A trip to the sea

Me and my girfriend took a 3 hour drive to a small island of Krk in Croatia. 4 days of last hot weather at cost. I needed to test the caravan that Rob Van Leden his wife Desiree and Robert Benjamins helped me A LOT to get it. THANK YOU guys for that big nice cosy surprise, I can`t wait for next season to take it to a competition or just for a flight trip.

This are the pictures from our trip..

ROB`s lights :)

četrtek, 06. september 2007

My touchdown with a tandem glider. I drove my student for a first altitude flight. He drove half way down and showed me stability for flight control.